Gramatický jev Příklady
Členy a/an, the
Skladba otázek How are you?
Přítomné časy         I am fit because I go to the gym every day.  
I am studying engineering. I am reading right now.
Minulé časy While I was having a shower, the phone rang.
Budoucnost I will help you. I am going to go to Italy next week. I am going to the cinema tonight.
I am about to kiss you.
Počitatelnost experience X an experience, memory X a memory ...
Předpřítomné časy Have you seen John? Yes, I have just been talking to him about you.
Předminulé časy I looked out of the window and I saw that our car had been stolen!
Předložky - časové in the evening, in 2016 / on your birthday / at lunch time, at 5 o'clock / from 3 to 5 / until 7 o'clock ...
Předložky - prostorové on the bus, in the car, at the bus stop, under the table, underneath your T-shirt ...
Podmět It is sunny / It is 5 o'clock
Frázová slovesa I cannot put up with you. Take off your shoes. ...
Idiomy It is raining cats and dogs. It is all Greek to me.
Falešní přátelé fabric, pasta, actually, ...
Podmiňovací věty If I had know that, I would have done that!
Nepřímá řeč She said that I was a great student.
Existence There is no more milk in the fridge.
Pomocná slovesa Will/Would, Can/Could, Shall/Should, Must ...
Trpný rod The road is being fixed. 
Vyjádření množství a bunch of people, a herd of sheep / up to 70 % / little time / six-ish / seven or so ...